April 2018

Stay tuned... 2nd book for "Take Time For God's Word" is in progress
Staying focused can be really hard. There are so many distractions. There are so many things that take up your time every day. You need a break. You need a break from 'busy-ness'. You need to 'Take Time For God's Word'. By now you know the concept. "When you check the time... think of a verse." If it is not yet a habit, keep working on it. Soon, those memorable verses will become 'unforgettable'. When you see that time you cannot help but to think of that verse. If you are following the daily verses and posts on Facebook you will find MANY ideas and techniques to help you to recall key verses for different times and different needs during your day. We are also planning to release a 2nd book which consolidates more than 100 great verses and life lessons into an easy to read, easy to follow book that will be a great supplement to your daily Bible Study or to your prayer time. It will give you focus on verses which give you greater hope and joy and peace and so much more. Staying close to God through His Word will help any day and every day to go better as you receive greater blessings, you will in turn be a blessing to others. Now THAT is an exciting way to live both now and forever! Watch for announcements about the book in late summer and join in supporting the release in early October 2018!

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