June 2015

Remembering God's Word, for the Time of your Life - Nearing Publication

If you are interested in a more concentrated focus, then watch for Take Time For God's Word (Remembering God's Word, for the Time of your Life) as a book is nearing submission for publication. It provides a guide for seekers and believers who want to learn more about God's Word in the Bible and they want to make that word part of their daily lives. The book provides the reader with the following:

  • Organized verses in Time sequence from key passages and texts throughout the Bible.
  • Memorization techniques and tools to help anchor those verses into daily activities and into daily habits.
  • References and reference points which can be adapted into personal tracking or journaling to measure progress and to help retain those verses already committed to memory.

If this book and this process to make God's Word come alive in your daily lives sounds interesting to you, please let us know in the Contact Us section and we will keep you informed about the process and publication of the book.

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