July 2016

Facebook Page 'Likes' pass 60,000 over the 4th of July weekend!
There is a growing number of Page 'Likes' for Take Time For God's Word on Facebook (www.facebook.com/taketimeforgodsword/). Every day there is a new verse posted which touches a need or area for growth in our daily Christian life. We are just finishing a series called '10 and Under' which were 24 verses of 10 words or less. We had, "Rejoice Always" and "Pray Continually" to "Your heart will be where you treasure is" and "So the last will be first and the first last". Check out these verses and many more in the 'timeline' view or in the 'photos' section on Facebook.

To make it easier on those who aren't on Facebook, we will begin posting those same verses and messages in the Blog section on this Website so that you can keep up with them everyday. We will encourage you to share the links with friends so that they can get those updates as well.

Stay blessed and pass on His love to others!!

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