Know that the Lord is our God

13:10 2 Chronicles “As for us, the LORD is our God, and we have not forsaken him. The priests who serve the LORD are sons of Aaron, and the Levites assist them.” (NIV)

There is a record of the tribute money Solomon received each year. It numbers were staggering. He was the richest king during his reign. When he died, his son became king but was unjust in his demands and it split the land in two. This was in God’s plan. We saw that the people would repent and would be reconciled back to God. The northern tribes did NOT follow God and they faced many defeats and takeovers. The southern tribes stayed close to God. This verse was their response and their confession of faith. Would you make that same confession?

You are witnessing to others through your comments that extend this verse those who need to affirm their faith. Ask what in this world could be more powerful than God. Ask why someone would choose to follow it. Hear what they say, and you will know how to respond. While many people are talking about a revival in our country, there does not appear to be a few champions that are leading the movement. We need to continue to show our faith in our daily actions and to support those who want to make His Name known. ‘The Lord is our God’. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© day-after-day and as you may see or hear people speaking up for the name of our God. Take a photo of this verse card and store in in an album of Verses on your phone. Look at those verses often when you have ‘wait time’ for any appointments, food orders, commercials on TV, or other times. It will help to remind you of the goodness of God and His love for His people. It will give you words from Jesus that will teach you and which you can share with others. It is our task to reach out to those who are lost and to give them the Good News about Jesus. Enjoy each day in His loving care. "Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and prayerful always.” Romans 12:12 (JB Phillips Translation)

Our earnest prayers continue for the people of Ukraine in their battle against Russia. It is so sad to see the destruction and deaths on both sides of the battles. It is very sad to know that more than 7 million people left Ukraine because of the war. We pray for the people and their struggles in this war. We pray for the people in Russia who do not support the war and who suffer losses of their loved ones in the fighting. Pray for peace. It is a big prayer… and we have a big God. THANK YOU for those who provide support to the relief organizations supporting the people of Ukraine. Be a blessing in all that you do. Pass it on to those who may have forsaken Him and do not feel worthy to be forgiven… give them the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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