Tell the truth always!.

20:20 Acts “I never shrank back from telling you what you needed to hear, either publicly or in your homes.” (NLT)

Paul traveled throughout the region between Jerusalem and Athens creating many new churches and touching thousands of people with the news of the Gospel of Jesus. People would often refer to this movement as The Way. It changed lives. It had many supporters. It also had many detractors... people whose lives and livelihood were based on pagan rituals, idol making, and the worship of idols. As a result, Paul’s life was constantly in danger from those that opposed him and his followers. Yet, it did not change his message either in public or in private, he always shared the truth about the Word of God and about the sacrifice of Jesus. Live your life in that way as well!

May others know that you speak the truth as you give this testimony to those you know on social media. Ask if they know people who act one way in public and a different way in private. Ask if they trust that person and if they would be friends with that type of person. See what they tell you. After people saw the power of Paul AND the power that he commanded in the name of Jesus, others tried to use that to their advantage. It didn’t work because they didn’t believe in Jesus. When they did finally believe in Him, they renounced all their other beliefs in witchcraft and evil practices. In one place, they gathered and burned all those books and items to show their conversion to Christianity... the cost of those would have been about $1M in today’s dollars. They gave it all up in order to fully know Jesus. Now, Take Time for God’s Word© consistently and as you see 20:20 on your watch or phone OR as you think of 20/20 vision. Set this as a Reminder on your phone for any time that you want, but label it as 20:20 so that you recall it as perfect vision. That is how you could remember Paul’s farewell to some them a perfect vision of what they needed to do. They needed to be authentic in their beliefs in Jesus and consistent in how they talked whether in public or in private. We, too, need to let others see that our faith is consistent with our lives. They need to see the love of Jesus showing though our words and our deeds. You may be the only ‘Bible’ that others ever see. Let it be a true reflection of His love and grace.

We pray for all the organizations involved with global missions and mission outreach. We pray for World Vision (Federal Way, WA) for their purposeful efforts to help the children in some of the poorest places on the planet. They provide for food, water, clothing, education, God’s Word, and so much more. They are especially asking for donations which can be used to buy food for starving nations. There is a drought in many countries. There are starving kids... who don’t deserve to suffer and die. They need our help. If we all give a little more, it will mean that many hundreds of thousands will be saved. Support them. Support other similar groups providing for this world-wide need. Be that blessing to them! Lives will be saved because of YOU! THANK YOU! Pass it on to others by your consistent message of love from Jesus and your persistent prayers for them.

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