Is anything too hard for God to do?

18:14 Genesis “Is anything too hard for the LORD? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” (NIV)

Abram showed great hospitality to three men who were passing through. He gave them water. He had bread made for them. He even had a fatted calf killed and prepared for them to eat. They then asked about his wife. They even said that when they returned next year, that by then, Sarai would have a son. When Abram commented on her barrenness and her age, our verse was their reply. It should be top of mind with us as well. Don’t put limits on what you think that God can and will do for you. He is God. He can do ALL things. Trust in Him and let Him set the limits on what will be needed and available to you. You will be amazed.

Help others to see the power of God as you comment and send along this verse and message to family and friends. Ask what is the biggest thing they have ever asked for. Ask if they ever received it. See what they share with you. One of my favorite sayings is, “I just don’t believe in miracles...I COUNT ON THEM!” It’s true. When I see a situation and know that I cannot change it, I can turn it over to God and let Him handle it in the best way possible...I am surprised (in a good way) at what I see, and I know there is way more that I do not see. He does impossible things each day... and sometimes we get to witness them. Thank Him for it ALL. Please Take Time for God’s Word© diligently or as you see the wonders of what God can do for you. Set another Reminder on your phone for 6:14pm (18:14) on Mondays. If you happen to have an iPhone and an iWatch, then these show up on the face of the clock style on your wrist...just another cool way to keep His Word close at hand...literally. Maybe you want to use the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme song as the ringtone (or something like it). Just knowing the first half of the verse will be enough to know that God can do ALL things. He has provided a way of salvation that it free to all who believe, and it will last throughout eternity. WOW! Ask Him to make that your own and to become part of the family of God. Best life ever!!

In addition to adoption organizations, we pray for all the many foster care groups and organizations and the amazing work they do to find families for kids in need. We pray for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (Dublin, OH) which focuses on placing foster kids into families who will eventually adopt that child into their own family. Dave Thomas was the founder of the Wendy’s franchise and has gifted millions of dollars into this program based on his own background and life experience. Support them. Help others in your community. Be that blessing to those who need a loving family. THANK YOU for all that you do. Stay blessed. Pass it on to those who don’t know God or the power of God to help them out of what they think is an impossible situation...for nothing is too hard for share the Good News with them.

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