Let God give you the breath of life!

Ezekiel 37:05 “This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” (NIV)

Ezekiel follows God’s commands and goes to a valley which has many dry bones spread around it. For many of us, we may recall this story with the song, “Dem bones, Dem bones, Dem dry bones...” and how the bones are re-connected to create a full skeleton and eventually a person who comes alive again. If you were in Ezekiel’s place back then, how would you have reacted to seeing the hand of God move in this way? We all KNOW that God can do amazing things...yet, few of us actually get to see His hand working so dramatically. Keep trusting Him to do great things in your life, too!

Please give this verse and message to those you know on social media. Ask if they have ever heard the song “Dry Bones”. Ask if they know the reconnection sequence of those dry bones. See what they recall and can share with you. We know that God was able to create Adam from the dust of the earth and He breathed life into him. So, starting with available dry bones was actually a head-start for God to bring those bones back to life. There are miracles happening all around us but most of us don’t have the eyes to really see them and we don’t have the faith to believe that they are actually possible. One of my favorite sayings is: “I just don’t believe in miracles...I COUNT on them!!” Continue each day to Take Time for God’s Word© day-by-day and as you may see any skeletons being displayed this Halloween season. Set this as a Reminder on your phone for 7:05pm on Wednesdays (3 7:05) and give it a spooky ringtone. As you hear the sound and see the verse show up in your Reminder, think of the song (of course) but think of the great power of God to do amazing things. God is not through doing amazing things. He does so through blessings, answered prayers, and things we will never know or understand this side of heaven. Yet, He does them for our benefit and because of His great love for us. Thank Him often!

We ask that you pray for the many organizations which support Christian charities around the world like Lutheran World Relief (Baltimore, MD) that has been making a difference for the kingdom of God since 1945. They work in many of the poorest communities to give them the aid needed to survive and to even thrive. Support them if you can. Help out similar organizations to have their impact to help others. Be that blessing. Then, stay safe, stay well, and stay blessed in all that you do for Him. Pass it on to those who are living like the dry bones with no awareness of God and His immense power to save them now...and forever!

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