No one will make your afraid again!

Ezekiel 34:28 “They will no longer be plundered by the nations, nor will wild animals devour them. They will live in safety, and no one will make them afraid.” (NIV)

Ezekiel gives God’s Words of reassurance to the people who will once again will inhabit the promised land. They will be returned to their homeland. They will be given assistance to rebuild. They will be given protections from God. They will then be able to live in the land in safety. They will know God’s hand is with them and they will not be afraid any longer. Do you feel that safety in your life? Do you live out each day without fear knowing that God is there beside you? Trust in Him. May He give you that peace in your heart and in your mind as you live for Him.

Help others by forwarding this message to those you know and love. Ask if they feel truly safe in their homes, in our cities, and in our nation today. Ask what causes them the most fear. Hear what they tell you and help them to overcome those fears. The late Zig Ziglar said that, “ really False Evidence Appearing Real”. An idea that goes to extremes and that gets us to buy into it and its consequences. It is not true...but our mind thinks it may we create a fear of something before it ever happens (and usually it doesn’t happen at all). Cast your cares and fears upon the Lord. Let Him instruct you in a peaceful way. Consider ways to Take Time for God’s Word© day-after-day and as you see things that otherwise would give you fear...can now give you peace. You can set up this verse for 4:28pm (3 4:28) on Thursdays. Give it a peaceful ringtone. As you look at this last part of the verse, think about what you fear the most today. Ask yourself why...and turn over your fears to God. KNOW that He is there with you. KNOW that He can handle anything. Find ways to feel safe about the way things are set up in this location. He is with you always!

We pray for all the immigration and refugee resettlement organizations in our country. We pray for Exodus World Services (Park Ridge, IL) and the excellent work they do in bringing in and getting families resettled into their new home here in the USA. While we did not have the massive influx of immigrants from Ukraine, we are still seeing huge numbers still coming from all over the world through our southern border. Some come seeking asylum from oppression or fear of death. Others come to seek a better life for their families. Pray that there are people there to help them. Help wherever you can. Support these organizations. Stay blessed in all things. Pass it on to those who live in fear and help them to know the Prince of Peace...and to accept Him into their lives forever.

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