Follow great counselors… do what they say!

Psalm 119:24 “Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors.” (ESV)

Have you ever had the title of ‘counselor’? That title carries with it a responsibility and a level of trust that the counselor will give good, true, and reliable advice. At the Bible camp where I worked for three years, there were many counselors with various years of experience and skillsets. Yet, they all had one thing in common… they loved Jesus and they wanted to share His love with the girls and boys of all ages who came to spend a week at the camp. As long as they were putting their trust in God and were following His Word as they shared activities with the campers, then I knew that they were giving both good counsel AND giving life-changing and life-saving advice to these young people. What a great impact you can have if you are a counselor who shares the love of Jesus with your friends and family!

Please take a moment to leave a comment, or copy this link to send along this verse of encouragement to others. Ask who they have had as counselors in their lives. Ask what made those people great as counselors. Listen carefully to what they tell you… and you can share from your experiences as well. In my case, the Camp Executive Director asked me to take the role of Program Director… basically to be the ‘counselor to the counselors’. That was more that I was expecting. I wanted just a ‘counselor role’. God had something bigger in mind. He always does! He wants you to grow and to stretch. He wants you to experience the ‘new’ and to help others to experience it as well. He wants your testimony about Him to be incredible so that others will be drawn to a God who can change lives… not just for good… but forever! Now, Take Time For God’s Word© faithfully each day or as you talk with others who may be counselors. Take a photo of this verse card and put it in your Favorite Verses album. Check them out as you may be making a meal… 20 minutes of cook time could give you a great bit of peace and encouragement as you scroll through those favorite verses and the messages which they give. Treasure them. Think of them often. Be excited to share them with others. You can easily add them to a text message and be an added blessing to them by passing along some of these short verse cards. It is the Good News and we need to share it widely!

Please join me as we pray for all the physicians, lab technicians, physician assistants, nurses, etc. across all our clinics and offices who may be dealing with ALL the other illnesses, diseases, and chronic conditions in their patients beyond COVID-19. I am so grateful to cardiologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, etc. who have kept me going and enjoying life through their insights, counsel, and interventions. What a great blessing they have been to me. How about those in your life? Send them a note of thanks. Let them know that you are praying for them. They need that kind of encouragement to help them through some very painful and sad days. Be that blessing. Pass it on to others through engaging testimonies about what God has done for you… and by being a great listener and a great counselor to help them to seek and to find Jesus!

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