This is a journey…don’t settle in!

119:19 Psalm “I am only a foreigner in the land. Don’t hide your commands from me!” (NLT)

Are you on a journey? Or, do you feel that you have already ‘arrived’… at an income level… at a social level… at a spiritual level… that means that you have become way too comfortable where you are. We are just traveling through this life. We are not to drag along all the souvenirs and creature comforts that we find along the way. We are on a path. We are moving forward. We KNOW that every day is just one more day closer to our home. That’s why life should be exciting… new… eye-opening… spirit filled… and impactful for His kingdom. We are ALL foreigners here… we have a home… let’s invite as many as we can to join us there one day. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

You make a HUGE difference in our lives. Every comment you make or by sharing this you do encourage us and others with your actions… it makes a GREAT difference for us and for others… keep it up! Ask your friends if they are getting these posts and verses. Ask what they may like about them and if they are encouraged by the message. Listen to what they say and please share that feedback with us! Thank you! I have been a traveler throughout my life… 3+ million air miles, thousands of hotel stays, visits to nearly all states, and 20 countries. I know what it is like to be a foreigner. I know how to find directions which will move me forward and which will take me home. That is us right now. Seeking His direction and path that will see us home safely… to His home… to our home… in heaven. Don’t lose sight of that. Enjoy every step on that journey and Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day or as you plan you next trip… even if it is just to the grocery store. Print out this verse card (maybe even several copies to share with people also on this journey with us.) This time, put it in the money side of your billfold or purse… or, for younger people (who don’t carry money), you can put it in the card holder attached to the back of your iPhone or Android device. As you go to pay for something, see this verse and be reminded that you are just passing through. Please, don’t forget to do good along the way… but, be blessed to know that you are on your way home!

We continue our faithful prayers for all the hospitals, clinics, labs, and all their staff personnel as they continue to be on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19 and all the variant strains of the virus. To them, it must truly feel like a battle in seeing the suffering, isolation, and deaths which have been attributed to this disease. Pray for ALL of them and if you know any of them personally, let them know that you are praying for them AND so are millions of other people. Let them know how much we appreciate them and ALL they do for us. Be a blessing to them as they are to all of us. Pass it on as you are passing through AND show His Way to many others so that they will come home with you!

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