Remember…AND don’t forget!

119:16 Psalm “I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.” (ESV)

There are times when we say ‘remember’ and other times when we say, ‘I will not forget’. Aren’t they the same thing? To me, the term ‘remember’ is more general and it may be a less definite term like… remember my fifth birthday party (50+ years ago)… remember to take out the trash… remember to do your homework. It is a reminder. It is helpful. In many people, it may not always happen (especially as we get older). To say “I will not forget” is stated more as a promise… a commitment… a bond… a deeply seated belief. That’s what God wants for us. That promise that we will NOT forget His Word. That is why we study it, re-read it, memorize it, are reminded of it, and commit to it as a part of our daily lives. His Word is Life! He wants each of us to have that full and abundant life which comes from knowing and following His Word.

We again THANK YOU for your comments as you forward this verse or the link to this page to friends and family to help them to ‘not forget His Word’. Ask what is their earliest memory as a child. Ask why that one thing stands out so vividly in their minds. Hear how they describe it. We too often forget the benefits of our rules and laws. Even with all the bad news on TV, I am glad that so many people follow the laws AND go above and beyond by giving unselfishly to those in need. Most days, it is a marvel that we all get along as well as we do. Thank You Lord!! Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© day-by-day or as you hear a ‘good news’ story on TV or the radio. It is easy to just snap a photo of this verse card and store in in that Favorite Verses album on your phone. I will often open it up, mute the 3 minutes of commercials on TV, and spend that time again in His Word. Some verses are like old friends… so glad to see them again. Others are like… AH-HA… I found you… verses that are still new to me (or at least not fully committed to memory… so there are a lot of those.) Either way, it is a great time in His Word… and if you do that for each commercial break on TV… you get an added 13-15 minutes per hour in contact with God’s Word. Time well spent!

Please offer your prayers for all the facilities and staff who provide Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Hospice care to their patients and who support the friends and families who are suffering through these conditions with their loved ones. It has been SO MUCH harder now with COVID-19 where the loved ones cannot be with their family member during these sad and often depressing days. Some don’t have the chance to give that one last hug… one last kiss… one last smile… one last ‘I love you!’ to that dearly beloved person. Be of comfort to those people. Let them know that you are praying for them. If that is you… going through this right now… KNOW that our hearts and our prayers are with you! Jesus will be there with you and with them through this to the end… which starts a new beginning. Stay blessed. Share your blessings. Pass it on to others by showing them that you ‘will delight in His statutes; you will not forget His Word’… and KNOW that He is with you ALWAYS!

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