Your coverup will be uncovered…soon!

12:02 Luke “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.“ (ESV)

Jesus would often remind His followers of the unnecessary burdens that the religious leaders would place on the people. They followed tithing on everything they had yet they would neglect the needs of their family or community. We may see people wanting to put up a ‘good front’ to their church or community yet deep down, they were hiding the real sins and needs that they had. It will all be revealed in the last days. There will be nothing hidden from the judgement of God. Act accordingly… here and now!

Please route this verse to family, friends, and neighbors. Ask if they have anything in their past that would be embarrassing or devastating if it where to be made public. Ask if that would cause you to change current behaviors if you thought others would find out about it. Listen to their comments. Jesus made it clear that there would be no secrets that would not be made public at the final judgement. We should live in such a way that all our words and actions do not need to be hidden. Be honest in what you do and in how you live. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© daily or as you consider sharing a secret or at 12:02 am or pm. Consider printing out this verse card (and a few extras) to pass them on to others. It seems that everywhere you go, there are cameras watching your every move. As a result, people are more conscious about how they act and what they say. Yet, God knows ALL that is said and all that is done. It will be revealed. That is why we need to claim the forgiveness of Christ for ALL our sins. He will remove them ‘as far as the East is from the West’. When you know that you are forgiven, you can live differently. You can be free. You can help others to be free. It is the best way to live! Don’t miss out. He will set you free!

Our prayers continue for all the youth ministers and youth leaders in our churches and fellowship groups. The needs are still great among our youth… they need the fellowship… they need the support… they need to feel that they belong. It is hard to maintain this when the groups are not allowed to meet. Pray that they will provide outreach services. Encourage them to meet virtually on computers. We need to be there for each other. We need this generation of youth to know that they are important to the family of God. Do your part. Help where you can. Be that blessing. Pass it on to a world that hopes their secret sins will never be revealed… yet, which are seen by God and He loves them just the same.

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