Make sure the inside is clean, too!

11:41 Luke “So clean the inside by giving gifts to the poor, and you will be clean all over.“ (NLT)

Jesus was being judged by the religious leaders because He did not follow many of their ceremonial rules like how they washed their hands. Jesus reminded them that it is more important that the inside of a person is clean and pure than to just focus on the outward appearances. This verse tells us that if we have a heart for the poor and if we show it by giving to their needs, then we will also be clean in our outward activities and actions towards others. Don’t miss the chance to have a clean heart before God.

Please pass along this verse to friends and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they have a particular order in how they wash or dry dishes (not including a dishwasher). Ask if they wipe of the outside or the inside of a bowl or pot first. If the inside is clean, then it is true that the outside is also clean. It is harder to tell with people. Some look all clean and pious on the outside but have a dark heart or habits. Others may look less than clean on the outside, yet they have a heart for the Lord and for serving others. Seek to know what they have in their hearts. Always Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you wash with soap or hand sanitizer (which is often) or at 11:41 am or pm. Set this verse number at 11:41 am as an Alarm on your phone. Copy in the verse to the title of the alarm. Set the ring tone to be different from other alarms. Soon, as you hear it ring, you will recall the tone and the verse. More importantly, you will remember that we need to be clean on the inside and that needs to show in our actions… like in giving to the poor. It may also be a reminder to use some hand sanitizer before lunchtime… which is also a good thing to recall. Seek to have a clean heart as you serve Him daily. Then, His good works will show through you and He will be given the glory for it.

Many of us have now been away from church (physically) for 8-10 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is likely the longest time ever that we have not been at a worship service inside a church… we greatly miss seeing, greeting, and fellowshipping with the pastors, ministers, lay leaders and other members of the congregation. Yes, we do worship remotely through streaming apps, but we need to be praying for (and calling) our ministry teams. They need to know that they are not forgotten. They need to hear from us about personal or family needs. We are the body of Christ and that means that we are in communication often with other members. Continue to pray for the whole Christian church on earth. Let these difficult times build us up to realize that we are more than buildings and parking lots. We are His body and we are servants to those in need as we share the Good News. Stay blessed always. Be a blessing by what you share. Pass it on so that the light inside you shines outside to make our world a brighter place… to Him be the glory and honor!

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