Let others see His light in you…

11:33 Luke “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.“ (NIV)

Jesus continues to tell His disciples that there is no value in having a light and then hiding it. Light is meant to shine and to bring that brightness into your surrounding. So much of the world is in darkness these days. We need to let His light shine through us, and we need to be seen as light. Don’t hide it. Hold it up high. Share it. Protect it. Be light.

Please extend this verse to friends and families who need to see the light of His love. Ask if they have been in a cave or cavern that was pitch black. Ask if they then saw a match or candle lit in that darkness and how much the light revealed. See how they respond. Point out to others that Jesus is the Light of the world. We are to reflect that light in all that we do. We are to let that light shine forth into a world in need. Hold that light high so that others may see it. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© often each day or as you see any light shining in the darkness or at 11:33 am or pm. Continue to print out verse cards like this one so that you may have it readily available to share His Word with those who may need it. When you see light… be light to others. We are not about darkness… we are about being His light to a world that needs it NOW. Do you part to let His light shine through you! Well Done!

Continue to pray for missionaries that you may know by name. These may be deployed around the world or around your neighborhood. Mission fields may be closer than you think. In some cases, He may have been bringing those who need to hear His Word right to your community. They may be even living next door to you. Find ways to show His love and to share the Good News wherever you are. Stay blessed during these unsettling times. Pass it on to all those who are still in the darkness and help them to see the light… the light of His love!

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