Don’t just hear it… obey it!

11:28 Luke “He replied, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it."“ (NIV)

As Jesus continued His ministry of healing, a woman called out a blessing on His mother, Mary, for bringing Him into the world. Jesus responded that the greater blessings are for those who hear His Word and obey it. Hearing is the easy part. Obeying is not always that easy. We start to rationalize…prioritize… generalize… marginalize… etc. We make up all kinds of excuses to delay doing what He has tasked us to do. STOP! You know what is right… fair… honest… trustworthy… etc. so NOW go and obey what He has commanded you to do… love your neighbor as yourself. Start there and grow in your faith.

Please pass along this verse to family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they know anyone who has had trouble obeying what God’s Word has commanded. Ask if that has ever happened in their life as well. Hear what they have to say. Take a minute to remind them that God only wants the best for us. He loves us. He sent Christ to die for us. He will one day come back to take us home to be with Him. That’s what the Good News sounds like. Please Take Time For God’s Word© often daily or as you hear God’s Word preached or at 11:28am or pm. You may want to save this verse card by taking a picture of it and keeping it in an album of Favorite Verses on your phone… that way you will have it with you always. Whenever you have a few minutes, scroll through the verses and see how many come to mind just with a quick glance at them. Keep reviewing them to help give you more verses that you can quote and share with others. Keep His Word… close at hand… top of mind… and deep in your heart!

We lift up in prayers the many global missionary organizations like World Vision (Federal Way, WA) and their relief efforts to serve the poorest children in various parts of the world. Through the years we have sponsored several children through their ministry. I am encouraged to see their progress in school, church, and community. It is unlikely that I will meet any of these children, yet I feel a connection to them, and I pray God’s blessing upon them. Support them if you can. Help others where you are able. Stay blessed to be a blessing. Pass it on to those who still need to hear the Word of God… and who need to obey it!

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