Be one who gathers…not scatters!

11:23 Luke “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.“ (NIV)

Jesus defended the fact that only the goodness of God was able to drive out the evil from Satan. Good triumphs over evil. Jesus command over the demons that He defeated was because He was using the power of God. He also made it plain that there were only two choices in this world… to be for God or to be for Satan. There is no halfway or partial allegiance. Each day we can choose to follow His will OR we can reject that will for our lives. Be part of the family of God… best decision ever… and forever!

Please give this verse to friends and family… near or far. Ask if they know people who think that some of them will get to heaven by ‘being good’. Ask who they think will be the judge to be ‘good enough’. Listen to how they respond. That is one of the lies of Satan to tell people that they are ‘good enough’ that God should take them. We KNOW that Jesus is the ONLY Savior and the ONLY way to heaven. We can never be good enough. He accepts us just as we are. That’s the Good News… and everyone needs to hear it. Always Take Time For God’s Word© daily or as you worship with others or at 11:23 am or pm. Add this verse to your Reminders on your phone at 11:23 am with the title, “Whoever is not with me…” That should be enough to remind you of the full verse. More importantly, this should be a frequent reminder about our choices and our loyalty to Jesus. He gave His life for you… He asks your complete faith in Him in return. Once you accept Him, it does not mean that you will never have problems… it means you now have someone who knows all the answers. Keep close to Him through His Word.

Our prayers now focus on the many first responder organizations like the Red Cross (Washington, DC) who are always helping those in need around the world. Continue to support them with your donations or to volunteer to help where needed. There is always a great need… and they are there for all of them. Also, consider making an appointment to donate blood at one of their centers. The need is great during the pandemic and the number of blood drives have been greatly reduced. Be that blessing to others. Pass it on to those who need to hear the Good News… and who need to embrace the love of Jesus in their lives.

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