Do you live in a house divided?

11:17 Luke “Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: "Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.”“ (NIV)

Jesus healed a man possessed by a demon. The crowds said it was because He was in a league with the demons. Jesus showed them (and us) that is not how it works. Only good can cast out the evil. Even President Lincoln used this same quote to talk about a United States that had some slave states and some free states… it could not stand together, and it took a bloody civil war to eventually reunite under freedom for all. We need to continue to be careful as a church, as a country, and as a world to find ways that unite us rather than to divide us. Pray for the unity of spirit with all believers so that His love may reign in our hearts and in our lives… always!

Please extend this key verse to all your contacts on social media and on your email list. Ask if they believe that His body (the church) is united in faith and purpose. Ask if the believe that our country is united in helping people or if it is deeply divided. Hear what they have to say. We can be united yet still disagree on some topics. We cannot equally prioritize every issue… some focus on missions… some on prison ministry… some of healing… others on providing food… still others concentrate on education or evangelism… and more. YET, we are to be one body… His church… doing His will and trusting in Him alone. Help us unite under the cross. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you seek unity or at 11:17 am or pm. I am a visual person. I like to print out verses and put them up where I will see them often. You may want to do that for this verse. Put it on the refrigerator… or mirror… or dashboard… anyplace that will be seen by you (and by others) frequently. It is a topic that MUST be discussed and worked on every day. We must learn to respect differences YET seek agreement and harmony on those things that must unite us. That is not easy. It has never been easy. But that is what we are called to do… be peacemakers… be uniters… be the love of Christ to a world that still does not know Him as savior and as friend! Unite in Him!

We again pray for all our first responder groups of police, firefighters, EMTs, etc. Their roles became ever more important and more dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic. They risk exposure multiple times each day as they are helping those in emergency situations. They do this willingly. THANK THEM. Let them know that you pray for them and for their families. Continue to take all the precautions that you can to help them out by lessening the spread of the virus. It touches many of us… my wife caught it while in the hospital…I was exposed to it as she needed help after coming home… she is back in the hospital… I am self-isolating at home with no current symptoms… keep us in your prayers, please! Stay well. Stay blessed. Pass it on…the Good News and His love to ALL people so that we may one day be united in Him… forever!

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