God will give good gifts to those who ASK!

11:13 Luke “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (NIV)

Jesus spends more time talking about giving to those who ask. He knows that God gives only good gifts to those who ASK. So, do you ASK for deeper faith… for a heart of compassion… for a mind set on His Word… and for a life lived to the fullest measure for Him and for His glory? You have no idea what great gifts He has planned… until you ASK with a sincere heart and a mind that seeks to know and to do His will. Let His spirit fill you to overflowing… then you will be a great blessing to ALL that you meet. ASK!

Please forward this reminder to family, friends, and co-workers in the kingdom. Ask if they are living the life they had hoped for. Ask what’s missing from that ‘best life’ that they had in mind. Pay close attention to what they tell you. Too often we settle for less than what God had planned for us. We may think we don’t deserve it. We may think that we will fail Him if we attempt to live that way. We have excuses which don’t make sense, but we use them anyway. Please… stop… ASK Him for deeper faith and for His spirit to work in you. It is a big step for you… it is a small step for God. Walk with Him daily and step out in confidence… in Him!! Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© often each day or as you respond to people who ask things of you or at 11:13 am or pm. Save this verse card in Photos on your phone. Put it in an album of ‘Favorite Verses’. Look at it often when you are waiting for other things to happen (e.g. lines at a store, on hold on the phone, during commercials on TV (which is a LOT of time)). You will be reminded to ASK boldly of God, knowing that He gives only good gifts to His beloved children… that’s you and that’s me. AND, when someone asks you, ‘How’s it going?’ then you can tell them about ALL that God is doing in your life. They need to hear and to see that God is working in your life… for good… for now… and forever!

We start each monthly prayer cycle focused on those serving in our military. They need and deserve our prayers. This month, we focus extra prayers for those in our various branches of the National Guard. They are helping with the COVID-19 testing, building out temporary hospitals, shoring up flood damaged areas, and so much more. They leave their jobs and their families to get deployed in various roles in our communities to help and care for those in need. They are on the front lines of many urgent needs and disasters. Please let them know that you pray for them. Give them your THANKS! Help their families while their loved one is deployed. Be that blessing to them, as we are blessed by the service of our National Guard. Then, stay well! Be blessed AND be a blessing. You are the answer to others’ prayers… just follow your heart to do what He calls you to do. Pass it on to those who are losing hope in this time of crisis… help them to hold on to the cross of Christ… and to the home He has planned for His people.

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