Always choose the best!... Day 84

10:42 Luke “but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (ESV)

Jesus told Martha that of all the things that Mary could be doing around the house with Martha, her time spent listening to what He had to say was really a great use of her time. It is the same for us. Spending time in the Bible, in devotions, in prayer, and in fellowship with others is some of the best uses of our time each day. As we draw nearer to Him, He is then always near to us. He is there to watch over us and keep us every step of the way. Choose the good portion of your time with Jesus every day.

Please forward this verse to friends and family who are needing to get closer to God and to a relationship with Him. Ask them what is the best book they have read this year. Ask them why that was the best book in their opinion. Listen carefully to what they choose. For me, the Bible is STILL the best book that I read each year. I still find ‘new’ verses that speak to my heart and to my situation in life. I still find hope, comfort, joy, forgiveness, healing, and so much more from my time in His Word. Let others know if you have that same experience. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© daily or as you make choices each day or at am or pm. The question to ask ourselves is: Are we more like Martha? OR, are we more like Mary? One was trying to do ‘for Jesus’ all the tasks to make Him comfortable and well cared for. The other was letting Jesus touch her spirit through His words of hope, help, and joy. Both are needed in the world. Both are loved by Him and were His followers. Yet, Jesus said that growing closer to Him and to His will is the better of the choices that were made. Take that to heart each day. Make better choices of how you spend you time, talents, and possessions. Make them count for His kingdom. Make them have an impact for eternity. Make a difference in the lives of those around you because He made ALL the difference in the world.

Each month in our prayer cycle, we pick out one Christian cause or ministry to remember in prayer. We focus upon Lutheran Church Charities (Northbrook, IL) as they provide such a wide range of services to so many in need. They send people to disaster areas to provide help, they now provide the white crosses as memorials to those who have been killed by gun violence, they provide comfort dogs to those in need, and so much more. Support them if you can. Help out similar groups in your communities. Let them know that you pray for them. Be a blessing to someone each day. THANK YOU for all that you do for His kingdom! Pass it on to those who may be busy for the Lord and help them to take time to enjoy His blessings along the way.

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