What are your priorities?

10:41 Luke “"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things,”” (NIV)

How would you act if Jesus were staying at your house? You would want it to be just right… right? Martha wanted to have the meal and the home to be pleasing to Jesus… and she wanted her sister, Mary, to help her. Does that sound familiar? Yet, when she asked Jesus to direct Mary to help, He saw that she was upset. He advised her that she was worried about the wrong things. Are you? We need to keep our focus on what Jesus said… then we need to follow what He says to us now.

Please send this verse to all your friends who also worry too much. Ask if they have ever had company come to their house and they wanted it to look perfect for them. Ask if they were stressed about it. If you are working hard to make the house clean and others are not helping, then you may have the same feelings that Martha had. Yet, we always need to keep our priorities focused on what Jesus said. Please continue to Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you begin to worry about things or at 10:41 am or pm. Many of us are worriers… not warriors. Some of us even take it to extremes. Worries rob us of our present. It clouds our futures. It makes it seem like worrying has some purpose. It doesn’t. Most worries NEVER come true. Instead, cast all your burdens (worries) upon Him… as He cares for you. Or recall 11:28 Matthew “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NIV) Follow the path that Mary took… and we will see that in tomorrow’s verse!

Our prayers go out to all the government officials at all levels of federal, state, county, and local positions. No one signed up to deal with an unprecedented pandemic. Yet, they are all working relentlessly and tirelessly to reduce deaths and to promote public safety. Reach out and tell them that you are praying for them. They need to know that. Then, do what you can to help them and to support the policies and practices which will get us through this pandemic as quickly and as safely as possible. Be a blessing to everyone that you meet. Pass it on to those who are worrying more and rejoicing less… as we KNOW that God has it ALL under His control.

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