Bless those who hear His Word…

10:16 Luke “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.” (NIV)

Jesus knew that sending out these followers was like sending lambs to the wolves. He gave clear instructions. He warned them about towns which may reject what they were sharing. It was as if they were rejecting Him AND rejecting God who had sent Him. Those people would face a dreadful end at the day of judgement. It is the same even today. There are still many who reject the love of God shared through Jesus Christ. One day they will give an account of their actions. Until then, be love and grace to all that you meet.

Please release this verse to family, friends and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they have felt rejection or hatred from others. Ask if they felt personally rejected even if it was the Gospel which others were rejecting. Consider what they have to say. Then, encourage them with the promises of Jesus. He will never leave us nor forsake us. All His promises are true. He will do as He has said. Pray for those who may reject Him. Please continue to Take Time For God’s Word© day-by-day or as you see rejection by others or at 10:16 am or pm. Rejection or hatred is a hard thing to understand. It is often built up over a period of time. It may stem from a hurt or bruised ego. It festers and grows until it can consume a person. When evil goes unchecked, it can do a world of damage. Just like a virus, it spreads quickly and touches many lives. Let us be about sharing the love of Jesus and the Good News. Let us help to heal the broken spirits and help to mend the broken hearts with His grace and peace. Do good… only when you can’t do great… in His name, we pray!

We continue our prayers for all the homeless shelters and organizations with a heart to care for those men, women, and children to live on the streets. We pray for the Pacific Garden Mission (Chicago, IL) for their loving support to those in the center of Chicago as they share food, clothing, shelter, and His love to so many people. It has been their mission for more than 130+ years. Now that is commitment! They do it very well. Support them as you are able. Help out those in your cities or communities. Be that blessing to those who have so very little. You will be blessed in the process of sharing. Pass it on to those who need His love… even when they may reject it… continue to show grace and mercy to them.

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