Are you for Him…or against Him?

9:50 Luke “But Jesus said to him, “Do not stop him, for the one who is not against you is for you.”” (ESV)

Many who believed in Jesus found power in His name. They would even heal others by calling on the name of Jesus. The disciples stopped them. They thought that only His direct disciples could do that. Wrong! Jesus reminded them that in the end (yes, the very end), there would be those who believe in Him… and those who do not. He said that those who called upon His name were part of His believers and were doing the work that He needed to be done. So… are you for Him… or against Him? It is THE most important question you will ever answer. Choose Him… as He died and rose again just to set you free!

Please pass on this message to ALL your friends… everywhere. Ask if they remember as kids when someone chose up teams, were they ever picked last. Ask how that made them feel… or how they felt for the person who was picked last. See what they say. God picked us first. He loved us from the beginning. He wants us to be with Him so badly that He sent Jesus to make a way for us. And, He did. Believe it. Live it. Share it. And Take Time For God’s Word© often each day or as you make choices each day or at 9:50 am or pm. I would suggest that you print out this verse card as a 5x7 (or larger) picture so that you can hang it on your refrigerator or bulletin board. We need to be reminded that our Christian brothers and sisters around the world are ALL part of the family of God. So, treat them like family. Love them. Support them. Encourage them. Cheer them on! While we may spend time in denominations, we need to see them for their faith in Jesus Christ. Let Him unite us in sharing the Good News in word and in deed!

Please continue to pray for and to support all the organizations and groups that enable foster children to be placed into loving homes and families. There are thousands upon thousands of kids that just need to feel wanted… and loved… and chosen… and special. We pray that hearts will be opened to bring them into new families… loving families where they can grow and thrive. Support those in your community. Encourage their leaders. Pray for families with foster children. Let them know that you pray for them. We are a praying people. Stay blessed in ALL that you do. Pass it on to everyone that you meet… whether for Him or against Him, His Word changes hearts and lives… forever!

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