Can you hear His voice today?

9:35 Luke “A voice came from the cloud, saying, "This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him."“ (NIV)

Jesus takes with Him Peter, James and John. They go up a mountain to pray. This is the time when Jesus is met by Moses and Elijah. The disciples are in shock. They know this is an incredible moment but do not know what they should do. Then, from the cloud, they hear the voice of God saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen, listen to him.” Some days, I wish that God would speak those same words again… to a world that does not seem to have time for Jesus. Yet, I know that it is our task to spread the Good News to others… and our time is getting shorter every day. Keep telling others about Him… until He comes again!

Please pass along this verse to family, friends, and co-workers for His kingdom. Ask if they have ever had their names called out over loud- speakers at an event. Ask how that made them feel. Listen to what they say. Hearing a big booming voice coming out of nowhere must have been an exceptional experience. The disciples had no idea what to do. All they could do was watch and listen. We know our task… to share the Good News with everyone. Please Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day or as you hear someone’s name called out or at 9:35 am or pm. Take a photo of this verse card and save it into Photos on your phone. Put it in an album called ‘Favorite Verses’. This way that verse will be with you at all times (along with your phone). When you find yourselves in a long line, review the verses in your ‘Favorite Verses’ album. You will be amazed at the insights you gain while passing the time in line. It will bring you closer to Him through His Word. It will refresh your soul with His promises. Listen to Him!

We continue our prayers for all the other administrators, specialists, and staff who work at our schools. It is not just the teachers and students who are not in schools. Everyone from cooks, bus drivers, custodians to principals and superintendents that are out of the schools. It takes a wide range of skills and dedicated staff to keep our schools running. They need your support and prayers as well. Let them know that you pray for them. Be a blessing to them. Stay in (and stay well). Stay blessed! Pass it on to those who are far from the voice of God… calling them home to Himself.

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