You must lose your life… to save it!

9:24 Luke “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.“ (NIV)

Jesus shares with His disciples key actions which seem totally contrary to the ways that they had been taught. How can you save life and then lose it? Or, how can you lose your life, but then actually save it? He explains it in spiritual terms that only make sense when you see the love of Christ and His heart of grace and mercy for His followers. When you understand that, what you lose is small because you gain everything worth having… when you are redeemed by Him! Be there!!

Please give this verse to your friends on social media. Ask if they have ever lost something …only to actually find it again later. Ask how they felt when that which was lost is now found. Listen to their responses. Finding that which was lost is such a great and memorable experience… that we have to tell others about it. Without Christ, you were lost. Knowing Him, you are now found and saved from your sins. Tell others about it. Continue toTake Time For God’s Word© often each day or as find something that was lost or at 9:24 am or pm. There are a few verses which should be recalled together. So, plan to update your Calendar entry from 9:23 am with this verse from 9:24. (And we will add more to it tomorrow, too.) Learning verses which make such incredible promises will be a blessing to you for years to come… maybe even, forever!

We remember in prayer all those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. That is a huge number of people… around the world. Those who have or have had the virus. Those who treat those who have the virus. Those who are staying inside to avoid infecting others OR being infected. It is hard to imagine a more impactful event…ever! Yet, it will end. We will get through this, with the help of God. Stay well. Stay blessed. Pass it on to those who are still trying on their own to save their life… remind them that Jesus already did that… once and for all!

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