Take up your cross and follow Him!

9:23 Luke “Then he said to them all: "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.“ “ (NIV)

Jesus often told the disciples about what would happen to Him in the future. He meant to prepare them. He wanted to help them process it and understand why this was necessary. It was more than the disciples could handle. They spoke about how that would not happen… they would protect Him. He knew otherwise. He now tells us what we will face in our futures to prepare us. We are to ‘take up our cross daily and follow Him.” It is a commitment. It will not be easy, but we do not need to do it alone. He is with us always. Walk with Him each day… now and forever!

Please forward this key verse to family, friends, and neighbors. Ask if they ever feel that they have a ‘daily cross’ to bear. Ask what they feel that ‘cross’ may be. Listen to how they answer. Too often, we feel that the ‘cross’ is some burden that we bear alone. We are never alone… God is with us. Others feel that the ‘cross’ is some obligation that we must do. We cannot earn our salvation; it was a gift from God through Christ. We need to appreciate that gift every day and we need to share that with others as well. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you think of His great love or at 9:23 am or pm. This could be added to your Calendar on your mobile phone. Set it for 9:23 am and copy in the whole verse as the title. Set it for Saturdays so that you may have more time to think about it. When it rings, read the verse. Consider what you need to do that day. Then commit yourself to live it for Him, to the best of your ability and with His help. At the end of the day, at 9:23 pm, recall the day and how it went. Thank Him! Praise Him! Keep it going every day… until He comes again.

Our monthly prayer cycle again focuses on our seminaries and places of training for our ministers, pastors, missionaries and lay leaders. In most denominations, there are too few entering the ministry to replace those who are retiring or who are dying. Yet, our populations are growing. That means our churches will change or they will die out. Pray for these students and for their calling into the ministry. Support them. Encourage them. Tell them that you pray for them. Be a blessing to them. They will become a great blessing in time to so many more. Pass it on to those who do not yet know about the gift of love given by Christ on the Cross… best gift ever given to us!

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