Speak up about who Jesus is!

9:20 Luke “"But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?" Peter answered, "God's Messiah."“ (NIV)

Jesus would often spend time with just the disciples. They saw all the miracles that He had performed. They saw the power of healing which they performed on their mission trips to the villages. Now, Jesus wanted to confirm what the disciples knew. He asked… they said what others had said… Elijah… John the Baptizer… THEN Peter answered…”God’s Messiah”. Now it is our turn to declare who Jesus is in our lives, too. Introduce all your friends to meet Him… best introduction you will ever make!

Please extend this verse to friends and family… near or far away. Ask if they have ever struggled to explain what they do or who they are. Ask if they felt a sense of relief when others could say and understand what they are about. Help them to better understand how wide, how deep, how high, and how consistent His love is for them. He accepts us as we are… He died for all sinners… that’s all of us. Remember to Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day or as you pause to pray or at 9:20 am or pm. This is a verse card that you may want to print out and carry with you. It will remind you of the verse and the confession of Peter. It will encourage you to share the Good News with others. It will help you to stay close to God’s Word, knowing that He is with you always. Give Him your thanks and praise!

We would normally pray for all the Christians at our public colleges and universities… but, right now those institutions are all closed-up for the pandemic. So, I would ask you to pray for all the seniors who will be leaving those schools without any graduation ceremonies or public recognition of their achievements. Reach out to those that you may know. Encourage them. Find ways to celebrate their accomplishments. Be a blessing to those who worked so hard to get this far and then who miss out on the event that marks such a milestone. Pass it on to everyone who still wonders about who Jesus is and why they should seek Him.

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