Stay the course…don’t give up!

9:04 Luke “Wherever you go, stay in the same house until you leave town.“ (NLT)

Jesus gave the disciples very few instructions. They were to pack nothing! (i.e. no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt). They were to find a home that would welcome them… and stay there until they left that town. They were to share the Good News and to heal the sick. Now, how many of us would have raised our hands to volunteer for an assignment like that?? Not many, I am sure. Yet, they had faith that what Jesus had taught them would help to sustain them on their mission to reach village after village with the Good News. So, do you pack lite for your journey through this life… OR, are you renting storage units to store all the blessings that you don’t have time to use? Be a blessing RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE… to anyone and everyone that you meet.He will provide for your needs as you grow deeper in faith.

Please forward this verse to family and friends. Ask if they were going on a trip for a month, how many suitcases would they usually take. Ask if they have ever needed to hitch-hike before because they had no money for anything but counted on the kindness of others. Hear their stories or experiences. Compare with them how much things have changed. Let them know that Jesus had the disciples go out with a TOTAL dependence on what others would share with them for food, drink, and lodging. No one could say that they did it on their own… it was all provided to them through others by the grace of God. Times like right now show us that life is short and that we cannot control our world. We need God… and we need Him now! Always Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you see people travelling again or at 9:04 am or pm. Often, there is a word or a short phrase that starts a verse that becomes the ‘anchor’ to recalling that verse. In this verse, just the three first words should do it for most of us…”Wherever you go,”. It is an all-inclusive reminder. There are no exceptions. It applies to you regardless of the direction that you pick. It’s still true for us today, as well. God can and will use you for His plan ‘wherever’ you may be right now. Be His light in that place. Be a blessing there. Continue to be that blessing until you are called to move on… and BE to His glory!

We again pray for all the hospitals and clinics around the country that are dealing with the COVID-19 patients AND other patients that still have critical and necessary medical needs during this pandemic. It is a stressful time. Public health is center stage. Other key services are being overshadowed by one virus and its impacts to cities, states, and to our country. Keep all the medical staff and all working staff in your prayers. Let them know that you are praying for them. Give them your heartfelt thanks. Show them any acts of kindness that will make their life a bit easier… for them or for their families. If you are part of that group, THANK YOU to all the everyday heroes that are serving so effectively and selflessly during this crisis. Stay well. Stay blessed. Be a blessing each day to those around you. Pass it on to those in need of a Savior ‘wherever you go’ in your community or ‘wherever’ the Lord leads you in life!

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