Go, tell, and heal the sick…

9:02 Luke “Then he sent them out to tell everyone about the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.“ (NLT)

Jesus had prepared the disciples to go out to preach, to heal, and to do miracles in His name. He gave them the power and the authority to act. The key was that they needed to GO…and to TELL… and to HEAL. Often, we as Christians get comfortable in a routine… within our churches. It is anything but routine these days. We are NOT in our churches. Yet, we are also NOT able to GO. We can still TELL using our electronic tools. AND, we have the power of prayer to seek His healing to those who need it. Let us use this time to further His kingdom wherever we can. Start today!

Please route this verse to those who need to be encouraged during these times (i.e. probably everyone you know). Ask if have been regular in worship using the live-stream or videos from their churches. Ask if they have still been able to support their churches with their tithes and offerings. Listen to what they say. We are definitely living in rapidly changing times. We have new opportunities to share the Good News. These will be new ways for us to witness to family, friends, and neighbors. Just like the original disciples, we will need to trust in God to be with us to tell about the Kingdom of God. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day or as you see tributes to those medical staff serving COVID-19 patients or at 9:02 am or pm. Save this verse in Action Items on your phone. Set it to ring or chime at 9:02 am and copy the verse into the title. When you see this verse pop-up, take a few minutes to consider ways that you can share the Good News with others. It will be important to others to know that you are there for them… be that blessing to them.

Please continue to pray for the hospice and Alzheimer’s facilities and their patients and staff. With the many lock downs, these patients are more alone and isolated than ever before. Family is feeling guilty for not being there for them. It is stressful for all involved. Please support the families. Reach out electronically to patients and their loved ones. It is not the same as being there… yet, it is a sign that they are not alone. Be a blessing in anyway that you can be. Pass it on in word and in deed to anyone (and everyone) who needs to hear the Good News amid so many bad news stories from the pandemic.

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