How much would you help others?

3:11 Luke “John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.” " (NLT)

John the Baptizer challenged the people that they needed to make some dramatic changes to show their repentance. We are also challenged to make changes in how we think and how we act. Jesus asks that we look out for the interests of others. He asks that we share our blessings with those who need help. He wants us to put Him first in our lives… and then other priorities will fall into place. What holds you back from sharing more… from giving more… from loving more… from forgiving more? Seek His plans for your life and then live accordingly… to His glory!

Please challenge friends and family to see where their priorities are. Ask if they are surprised by the shortages (due to COVID-19) at various stores for things like sanitizer, water, and even toilet paper. Ask if that reflects a heart of ‘sharing’ or ‘hoarding’ among people. Listen to how they reply. In times of uncertainty, we see both the best and worst behaviors come through from people. We don’t know when life will get back to ‘normal’ again once the pandemic is controlled. We do know that God is still in control. We also know that we need to help others wherever we can to show His love to those who seem hopeless. Always Time For God’s Word© throughout the day or as you see empty shelves at stores or at 3:11 am or pm. You may want to print out copies of this verse to put on your refrigerator or on your bathroom mirror. Have a few extra copies to share with people that you may see in the days and weeks to come. We need to be reminded that this ‘health crisis’ affects individuals and families differently. Money will become tight for many. Food will be in short supply. They will need help. They will need support to get through this even if they don’t catch the virus. Watch for ways that you can help. Being there in their time of need will be an answer to their prayers… be that blessing wherever you can be. Well Done!!

Please lift up your prayers for all of our government and elected officials at all levels. Now is the time for collaboration and cooperation. Now is the time to put the wellness of the people ahead of party issues. We have seen many of our leaders refocus on the people… not the politics. We need that to continue long after this pandemic is over. Pray that God will shorten the duration of this virus’ impact on the whole world. Pray that it may cause people to rethink priorities and to seek Him as their hope and salvation. Stay well. Stay blessed and share your blessings with others. Pass it on to those in need so that they will see the love of Christ working in and through you… be love in action!

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