We shall see God’s salvation…

3:06 Luke “And all people will see God's salvation." (NIV)

John the Baptizer was called by God to prepare the people for the coming of their Savior. John called people to repentance and baptism to get their hearts ready for a new message of love and grace and forgiveness from Jesus. We don’t see too much repentance in our society today. Everyone wants to do things their way… and NOT God’s way. That means that there are STILL many who need to hear the Good News. Don’t be afraid to share it… and to share it often. Be a voice of one calling people to meet Jesus… and He changes everything.

Please remind family and friends that God is still reaching out to ALL people. Ask if they have ever seen anything like what we are witnessing about a pandemic for the COVID-19 virus. Ask if they could have ever imagined all the changes that we are seeing within 1-2 weeks of time. The world fears the unknown impact of this virus. Even many churches are cancelling services to avoid any further infections. If ONLY we would take the infection from sin so seriously and take actions to prevent it. But, we won’t. It will take the hand of God working in the hearts of people to bring about that kind of revival. Pray that we see that kind of change, too. With no sports on TV for a while, now is a great moment to Time For God’s Word© often each day or as you see empty sports or public arenas or at 3:06 am or pm. This may be a verse to set as an Alarm on your phone. Copy in the whole verse as the title. When it rings at 3:06 pm, be reminded that John prepared people for the coming of Jesus. We too need to prepare people to meet Jesus… in our towns… in our jobs… in our circle of friends… and even in our families. It will be the best introduction that you can ever make for them. We know that life becomes more exciting when you are living it in Him and for Him. Don’t let others miss that critical aspect of life… knowing Jesus as Savior and as Friend.

We now focus our prayers on ALL our family and friends. Sometimes we forget about them… they are just always there for us and we may even take them for granted. NOW is the time to reach out to them amid the fear and uncertainty in our world. Let them know that you pray for them. Ask that they pray for you. Ask that they pray for the health crisis in our world. Let them know that as we trust in God, there is nothing too big for Him to handle. As we experience ‘social distancing’, don’t let it become ‘social isolation from those that you love. Be a blessing in their lives. Pass the Good News on to everyone that you meet and let them know that His salvation is meant for them!

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