Do you seek His understanding?

2:47 Luke “Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.” (NIV)

Jesus went with His family to Jerusalem when He was twelve years old. The parents didn’t notice that He was not with the others in their group when they were returning home. They went back and found Him in the Temple. People were amazed at His questions, answers, and understanding. People still are amazed. They find it in His Word. They find it in sermons preached about Him. They find it in answers to their prayers to Him. Too often, we forget to ask! We try to make it on our own. We fail at it. He is ALWAYS there to hear our prayers and to give us guidance through His Word. Stay close to Him… remember His Word!

Please extend this verse to friends who are looking for answers. Ask how many times a day they ask Google or Siri for information. Ask if they ever get true help to their problems from such devices or digital assistants. Those devices can give your facts and figures, but they are not truly able to help you sort out issues or problems in your life. Seek out the answers through your daily devotions and prayers. Ask Him for insights, wisdom, and understanding. Often what He changes is YOU… your attitude… your heart… your desires… your attachment to things… and so much more. Then,Take Time For God’s Word© during the day or as you answer a question or at 2:47 am or pm. We ALL need help at different times. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t even know how to ask the question sometimes. Jesus is there for us… day or night… all the time. Share with Him the burdens on your heart. Ask for His help. Then pay attention to what happens next. It may be a person that comes to your aid. It may be an article or a sermon that speaks to your need. It may be a new idea or plan that is planted in your mind. Seek Jesus and you will become wise.

Each month, we pray for the homeless and homeless shelters all over the country. We pray for Pacific Garden Missions (Chicago, IL) and their service to the homeless in downtown Chicago. They provide food, shelter, and God’s Word to those in need. They have done this continuously for more than 130 years… now that is commitment! Support them. Help where you are able. Volunteer in your community if that is possible. You will be blessed AND you will be and see a great blessing among those people. THANK YOU for ALL your service in so many areas. WELL DONE! And, keep doing that work… we are not done yet. Pass it on to all those in need to seek His understanding and answers and do that… until He comes again!

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