What do your eyes see each day?

2:30 Luke “For my eyes have seen your salvation,” (NIV)

Jesus was presented to the priest at the temple on the 8th day. He was consecrated to the Lord. The priest, Simeon, was waiting for the day when the promised Messiah would come. He knew that this was that Messiah coming to us as a baby Jesus. Simeon gives praise and glory to God that he is able to witness this arrival of the Savior. Let us also keep our eyes fixed on His Word and on that which is pleasing to God. He is our Salvation from sin and death. It is a gift which we will enjoy… forever!

Click ‘Like’ on this post and click ‘Share’ to forward this verse to family and friends. Ask if they had waited a very long time for something, and it finally arrived,… what would be their reaction. Ask what emotions would come along with the completion of that event or promise. You may have experienced that feeling of fulfillment, completion, satisfaction, and more as the natural acceptance of what we have longed for in our hearts. That feeling can still come to those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their savior and friend. Always Time For God’s Word© daily or as you see your eyes in the mirror or at 2:30 am or pm. Waiting for something important takes patience, persistence, and prayer. It can be a bit overwhelming to finally reach the point when that wait is over. Some people have been waiting their whole lifelong to meet their Savior. We have the privilege of sharing Jesus with these friends or family. We can help them to have that personal relationship with Jesus, the Savior. Print out this verse card to carry as a reminder to help open the eyes of others to see Jesus as their Savior and as their friend. See Him with eyes wide open.

Our prayers once again go out to all of the refugee support organizations. We pray for Exodus World Services (Park Ridge, IL) for their wonderful programs and outreach to screen and to resettle various refugee families who have waited years to finally reach their new home. Exodus also equips and enables members of local churches to be friends, mentors, tutors, etc. to these new refugee families. It is important to show these new families the activities and customs of our communities so that they feel comfortable and at home in their new settings. Help them. Support them. Volunteer to help. Be that blessing in their lives. Pass it on to others to help them to see that Jesus is their path to salvation from sin.

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