Welcome the Prince of Peace…

2:14 Luke “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” (NIV)

If one angel is a wonder to behold… imagine seeing a whole host of angels praising God and singing. WOW! Someday we will get to see that. Yet, for the shepherds, it was beyond their wildest dreams. AND, the angels spoke about ‘peace on earth’. That is still something we dream about. Yet, that peace comes only by knowing Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Without Him, there will always be conflicts based on what is in a person’s heart. Continue to pray for Christ to be made known to the world.

Please encourage others with this great verse. Ask if they feel that they will ever see peace on earth in their lifetime. Ask why they feel that will not be possible. Pay attention to how they answer you. Share with them the Good News that Jesus came to bring to the world. Let them know that peace is more than just an absence of wars… it is a condition of the heart to be made right with God… through the forgiveness of Christ. May you enjoy that peace, always. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day or as you hear talk of peace or at 2:14 am or pm. This may be a verse card to print out and to carry around with you. Bring extra copies so that you can share them with others. Use them as bookmarks or put them under a magnet on the refrigerator. Put them wherever you will be sure to see them. These daily reminders help to anchor the verse deep into your memory and even deeper into your heart. We need to know God’s plans for us and that includes for us to be at peace with Him. It is a great place to be and it gives you a new perspective on the world when you know that you are at peace in your heart. Share that peace with others.

Our prayers now extend to all the foster care organizations and foster care families across the country. What a great answer to prayers when a family brings home a foster child. They have waited and prayed that someone would be there to love them and to care for them. Support those families. Encourage others to consider becoming foster parents. Help them in any way that you can. You will be doubly blessed by such acts of love and kindness. Pass it on to those who are striving to find peace but are looking in the wrong places… help them to seek Jesus!

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