Our God is an awesome God!

2:47 Daniel “The king said to Daniel, "Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery.“ (NIV)

Daniel first stated that it was God who had given the dream to the king and He had shown that dream and its interpretation to Daniel. God got all the glory. When the king heard the dream and the explanation, even the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar bowed low in humility to God for what was shown to the king in the dream. He knew that no man could have seen or said such things. God had touched a foreign king through the faith of Daniel. Just imagine who He can reach through YOU, if you will have that same kind of rock-solid-faith… like Daniel.

Please extend this verse to friends on social media and through emails. Ask if they had ever heard of King Nebuchadnezzar. Ask if they were aware that even that great king acknowledged and bowed low at the wonder of God. (It says so in the Book of Daniel in the Bible.) We hear about the conquests, knowledge, sophistication, and ruthlessness of ancient kings, like Nebuchadnezzar, but we don’t hear about the times when those kings realized the power of our God. Remind them that our God has been making and directing lives throughout history… and He can work through us as well. Next, Take Time For God’s Word© frequently each day or as you think of a dream that you may have had and at 2:47 am or pm. Daniel was VERY CLEAR where his knowledge and insight came from… it came from God. We should be just as clear when we share the Good News about Jesus. We are NOT better than anyone else… we are ALL sinners before God. We have been given the gift of salvation because of His love for us and because we have asked for that forgiveness. Even that step of faith comes to us as a gift from God. Give Him all the praise and all the glory every day that you live. Recall the numbers 2-4-7 in the verse as 2:47 but consider them as ‘24/7’ as you choose to live for Him!

Each month in our prayer cycle, we focus on prayers for our country and for all the elected officials at all levels of government. They truly need our prayers. Pray for guidance, leadership, compassion, good judgement, and so much more. Pray that they would remember that they are servants to the people and that they are to protect and preserve our nation. These are difficult times… we definitely need the hand of God to be with us all in the months and years to come. Let them know that you pray for them. Let your voice be heard through your vote. Be blessed and be a blessing to those around you. Pass it on with boldness and clarity that our God reigns over all and that we need to give Him the glory, honor, and praise… forever!

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