Do you trust God…with your life?

2:28 Daniel “but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries. He has shown King Nebuchadnezzar what will happen in days to come…. “ (NIV)

Daniel put his complete faith in God. He saw from God the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar and its meaning. Daniel knew that he could save many others by appeasing the King. He did so in great confidence… not in himself… but in God. So, how confident are you in knowing that God has plans for your life, too? Are you confident enough to tell others about Him? Do you start and end each day with gratitude to God for leading and guiding you every step of the way? Dare to be a Daniel…trust in Him!

Please pass along this verse with confidence so that God can touch the lives of family and friends. Ask if they are confident when they speak in front of a crowd. Ask what gives them that confidence. (Public speaking is one of the great fears of many people). We often fear making a mistake… or looking foolish… or having someone call us a fake or phony. Those are all human fears. Yet, if we KNOW that we are in the hands of God, we can put aside those fears and we can speak boldly and clearly from His Word. It is true… and God does not make a mistake. Then, please Take Time For God’s Word© each day or as you see someone speak in public and at 2:28 am or pm. Recall the confidence of Daniel to stand in front of one of the great and powerful kings to offer to explain his dream and the interpretation of that dream. That’s how confident Daniel was in what God had revealed to him. God is willing to show you great and mysterious things as well if you are willing to listen and to believe. That is why we stay close to His Word. That is why we stay close to Him in prayer. That is why we give Him all the praise and glory. Keep that as your daily practice and you will be amazed at what God shows to you!

Today we say added prayers for our family and close friends. Too often we pray for big issues or our most pressing problems yet we fail to thank and praise God for the family and friends which He has given to us. They are an incredible blessing from Him. We need to let them know just how much we love them and treasure them. Let them know that you are praying for them. Ask them for their prayers for you as well. We need to surround one another with prayer. It is a powerful blessing that we fail to use often enough in our lives. Be that blessing. Pass it on to those you love knowing that God can and does reveal mysteries to those who put their trust in Him… forever!

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