Dark and light are seen by God…

2:22 Daniel “He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.“ (NIV)

Daniel and his friends continue to offer praise to God for revealing to them what the King had dreamed. God would help Daniel to explain it to the King. God would protect those from Judah but also He would show mercy on those others because of Daniel and his friends. They will let others know that it was their God who had spared them. They would make sure that God received all the glory. We need to do the same. Give God the great glory for ALL that He has done for you.

Please let friends and family know that God is with them… ALWAYS! Ask if they were ever afraid of the dark. Ask how they overcame that… or if they are still afraid of the dark. Pay attention to how they respond. We tend to fear what we cannot see… in darkness… in the future… in our pain… etc. God can show us clearly where He is taking us BUT it builds our faith when we trust Him to carry us through it. AND… He will! Always Take Time For God’s Word© often daily or as you enter a darkened room and at 2:22 am or pm. You may want to set a Reminder on your phone for 2:22 pm on Fridays and then copy this verse into that title. When it rings, re-read this verse and think of all the things that He has led you through in the past week… and thank Him for all of them. Soon, when it rings, you will just recall it in your mind… YET, continue to praise Him for His ongoing love and mercy to you. That continues both now… and forever!

We ask that you continue your prayers for all the youth musical groups or choirs at your church or your fellowship group. Music is such a powerful tool to help people to understand the Gospel and to recall it. Melodies stay with you… for a whole lifetime. Words build deeper meaning to you as you may form emotions to those songs because of an event, a loved one, or a connection in your life. Those are powerful memories. Those help you through tough times. Encourage the youth. Encourage their choir directors and leaders. Stay blessed in all that you do. Pass it on to others still in darkness and bring them into the light of His love.

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