Don’t delay…just pray!

2:20 Daniel “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:“ (KJB)

Daniel and his friends prayed earnestly. The ordered ALL the wisemen of Babylon to die if they could not tell him his dream. God could… and He could save them all because Daniel asked for wisdom. Do you lack wisdom? Ask God for help and direction. He listens… He hears… He responds… He loves YOU! Then take action on what He has tasked you to do. It may be HUGE… and you know that you could do it only with the help of God. That’s how much He believes in you… you can do amazing things… with the help of God.

Please forward this verse to friends or family facing BIG challenges in their lives. Ask if they pray for wisdom… or do they just ask God to remove the problem. Ask if they prayed first… or was it only when nothing else seemed to help. We all tend to wait too long to prayer for God’s help and guidance. We think we can handle it. We can’t. So, start with prayer… continue with prayer… end in prayer. God will see you through it all. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© often each day or as you face problems today and at 2:20 am or pm. When it is life-of-death… we remember to pray. Yet, we miss out on many of God’s richest blessings when we wait too long to ask… and to praise Him for His answers along the way. Print out this verse card and put it on your refrigerator door. You will see it often (if you are like me). It will remind you to bring ALL of your requests to God… big or small. Trust His plan for you. Give Him thanks and praise. Then go and be the blessing He intends for you to be to others!

We pray for all the youth outreach missions and projects in our churches and fellowship groups. The youth from our church served at Feed My Starving Children (Schaumburg, IL) in packing meal packages for children in Africa. It is an amazing ministry that provides meal packs for various countries to address severe food shortages. This Christian organization helps teach young kids in churches and community organizations the joy of giving and helping others far away. It was inspiring to serve in that even for a short time. Support them if you are able. Encourage youth to take up such causes. Be that kind of blessing. Pass it on by seeking His wisdom and by sharing it freely with all who need it.

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