Are you a dreamer?

2:06 Daniel “But if you tell me the dream and explain it, you will receive from me gifts and rewards and great honor. So tell me the dream and interpret it for me." (NIV)

Daniel and his friends excelled. They were ten times wiser than the others in the king’s court. God had blessed them. He caused them to grow in knowledge and favor. He placed them in that time and that place. Do you feel that you are in a foreign place some days? You are not alone. God has you there for a purpose. Trust Him. Follow His plans for you. It will be more than you ever dreamed of receiving. Rest in His promises!

Please click ‘Share’ to route this verse to restless people who are looking for their path in life…show them The Way to Jesus. Ask if they ever have dreams at night that seemed so real… but they can’t really remember them in the morning. Ask if they ever feel that the dreams had special meaning. Pay attention to what they tell you. Daniel gives us some great examples of how to live in difficult situations… often surrounded by unbelievers. It can feel lonely. It can feel scary. Yet, that is where we depend upon God even more. Cast you cares on Him. Then Take Time For God’s Word© multiple times each day or as you remember a dream you may have had and at 2:06 am or pm. King Nebuchadnezzar was a powerful king. He demanded a lot. He was king! Yet, to ask people to interpret a dream without telling them what that dream was…that was just too much… except for Daniel. He was gifted by God in knowledge and wisdom. God in turn used Daniel to proclaim the power of God to one of the most dominant kings of that time. If we trust God completely, we do not know where He will lead and to whom we may have the chance to share the Good News. He will see you through it all… no matter what! That is our confidence. That is His promise. That will be our future. Live with great expectation about what He has planned next for you!

Continue your prayers for all the homeless shelters and organizations with the compassion and service to the women, men, and children which are currently without homes. We pray for Pacific Garden Missions (Chicago, IL) for their 140+ years of faithful support and care for the homeless in the heart of Chicago. They provide food, clothing, shelter, and the love of Christ through their words and their actions. Help them if you can. Help local groups if you are able. Be the hands and feet of Christ to this disadvantaged group of people. Stay blessed always. Pass it on through what God has given you and be prepared to do even more as He continues to bless and keep you.

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