How to avoid futile planning…seek the Lord!…

94:11 Psalm “The LORD knows all human plans; he knows that they are futile.” (NIV)

Did you ever have some great plans but then everything just seemed to go wrong and in the end, it all fell apart. It was sad. It was humiliating. It was a wasted effort. That happens when we make plans which do include God in the process. He wants to lead and guide you through great paths and productive results. So, as you make plans, seek His guidance. Ask for help from other Christians. Make sure that the results will bring glory to God and will benefit others. Seek to know His plans and then follow them!

Click ‘Like’ on this post and then PLEASE click ‘Share’ to extend this verse to friends and family everywhere. Ask if they have ever made plans which just seemed to fall apart or which never produced an outcome. Ask how that made them feel and if they ever tried to resume that project or activity. Let them know that our plans will be futile if they do not include the direction and guidance from God. God works through others to help you plan better and execute them more effectively. Always Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day as you work to fulfill His plans, then remember this verse as “94:11” and praise Him for His gifted plans for you. We know that we call 9-1-1 for Help AND we call 4-1-1 for Information… so, you can remember this verse by thinking 9 (for help) then 4 (for planning information) and then 1-1… so you have 94:11 (9-4-1-1). I know that I ALWAYS need ‘help’ and ‘information’ whenever I am planning something BIG. And God is always able to give me insights and confidence to see those plans through to completion. He can do the same for you!


Our prayers are focused on all of the Christian led charities and organizations which support those charities. We continue to pray for the We Raise Foundation (Itasca, IL) as they do a great job at helping Christian charities to get started and established. They provide training, structure, support, and encouragement to those new charities. Please support them if you can. Help other similar groups in your communities. Volunteer if that is possible. Be a blessing to them. Help make a difference for His kingdom. Stay blessed always. Pass it on by making sure that God is included in the planning and completion of your plans.

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