How great is our God!

92:05 Psalm “How great are your works, LORD, how profound your thoughts!” (NIV)

We often try to fit God into our world…into the extent of our thoughts. What a small God He would be if that is all that He is. Our God is vast and cannot be contained or restricted by our thoughts. Instead, we need to daily stand in AWE of all that He has made and in how He continues to watch and keep us in His care. In all of our advances in science, engineering, etc., we continue to uncover the profound lessons from creation which God has put in place for us. Praise the Lord!

Please send along this verse to friends and family, near or far. Ask what they feel is the greatest mystery of the universe. Ask what they feel is the greatest finding about atoms. Listen to how they answer. Then, share with them about the wonderful and profound things that God has done. Let them know that sending His Son, Jesus, was one of those profound acts of love. Let them know that we have access to God through what Christ has done for us. Always Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day as you consider ALL that God has made, then think of this verse as “92:05” and offer thanks to Him. You can save this verse card onto your phone and you can add it to an album called Favorite Verses. When I am showing photos of family or photos from vacation, these verse cards are there. They remind me of ALL that God is and ALL that He does for us. I can show them to friends as a way to share my faith. I always tell people to save as many verse cards as you can… the phone won’t weigh any more AND you will be well equipped with many reminders of the profound love of God for you! How easy is that!


We ask that you focus your prayers today on family and friends. At times, we focus on other big issues or problems – God sized problems – and we forget to keep our family and friends uplifted in our prayers. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Let them know that you are praying for them. They are such a blessing to us… let them know that. Then continue to be a great blessing to all of those that you meet. Pass it on by reminding others of His great works and His profound thoughts… and His great love for them.

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