Experience unfailing love and faithfulness daily…

92:02 Psalm “It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening,” (NLT)

We tend to be creatures of habit. Some are good… others not so much. Our verse tells us of a habit that will lead to a productive and fulfilling life. Start the day in praise for His unfailing love to you AND to those that you interact with. We are to share that love generously… it will never run out. It is new each day. Then, offer that last prayer of thanks in the evening for ALL that He has done and for His faithfulness to you. That will become a habit of grace and gratitude. Try it. Live it. Love it. Practice it daily… forever.

Remember to give this reminder to family, friends, and neighbors. Ask what they do as a habit first thing in the morning. Ask what they also do as a habit as the last thing at night. Share with them the unfailing love and faithfulness of God. It will be a rewarding day when we can seek Him from morning until evening. You can also Take Time For God’s Word© within the day as you count your many blessings, then recall this verse as “92:02” and share His blessings with others. This may be a verse card to print out and to put on your bathroom mirror. You will see it at various times and it will point to getting into the habit of praising and thanking God often each day. It is a great way to live. It will be a change for good when you do it every day!


We offer up prayers for all of the youth choirs and youth music groups within our churches and fellowship groups. It may be a handbell choir that touches your heart. It may be the guitar players that encourages your soul. It may be young soloists that inspire you with their words and the heart that they put into their songs. We are blessed with such youth and their love of the Lord. Let them know you appreciate it. Encourage them. Support their efforts. Be blessed by them and share that blessing with others, too. Pass it on by knowing His unfailing love and faithfulness each day.

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