Your time is up… now what?

90:04 Psalm “A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.” (NIV)

525,600… seems like a big number. If we put a dollar sign in front of it… we would all like that in our bank account, I am sure. Yet, 525,600 minutes is the measurement of 1 year. Some of us have had 50, 60, 70, or more years on this earth. Where has that time gone? What have we done with it? What will we do with the time that we have left? All good questions. And, the really important questions is ‘with whom will you spend eternity?’ By knowing God and by claiming Jesus as our Lord, we have THE answer… the only one that really matters. We then combine our brief moment in time with the eternal love of God. So, don’t let another 525,600 minutes pass you by… enjoy living for Him now… and with Him forever!

Please expedite this verse to any and all friends on social media and on email lists by sending this post or the link to this page. Ask where they feel time passes by the slowest in their lives. Ask where it goes by too quickly and why that happens. Pay close attention to their responses. Compare that to what happens in your life. Remind them that time is how we measure our lives because they are finite… God is infinite so He was and is and is to come… He is our eternal hope. Stay close to Him through His Word. Please Take Time For God’s Word© several times each day as you check the time, then think about this verse as “90:04” and be grateful for all the time that God has given to you (so far). I like to say that our age is measured in minutes (which roll up to years) but our life is measured in moments. Moments of love… moments of forgiveness… moments of believing… moments of grieving… and so many more. Those are things we will remember and treasure. Those are the things that make our lives worth living. And, experiencing them all within the love of Christ makes all the difference… literally. Don’t miss any of the moments that He has planned for you. Be blessed to be a blessing to others. It’s a great place to be!


We continue to offer prayers for all of the organizations that support and help with the refugee crisis world-wide. We think of Exodus World Services (Park Ridge, IL) and their great efforts to enable a support network of churches and people to help the new families to get settled and to become part of their new communities. Some of us have stories passed down through generations of families coming over to America from parts of Europe, Asia or other places. These new families will be creating their own stories and family history… you can be part of it. Support them. Help where you can. Offer to mentor… or just be a new friend. You can do that. You can be an answer to their prayers… just as God intended. Stay blessed. Pass it on so that your moments in life will be treasured for generations… and forever!

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