Trust in an everlasting God…

90:02 Psalm “Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” (NIV)

“In the beginning”… We still struggle with the question of, “How did we get here?” There are untold mysteries of time and space which only generate more theories of what may have happened. Yet, our faith starts with God…an eternal God, who had a purpose and a plan for this world. It was designed by Him. He is still in control. And, at ‘the end’… we will have a place with Him for all of eternity. Creator…Designer…King of Kings… Savior… Friend… that is our God… now and forever!

Please send along this verse to family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they spend much time thinking about the billions of stars and galaxies in the known universe. Ask if they spend any time thinking about how it all began. Share with them how our faith starts with “In the beginning”…(1:1 Genesis or 1:1 John) and it ends with God continuing as our everlasting God. Then tell them about the wonderful plans He has for them through Christ Jesus. Always Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day as you look up to the skies, then think about this verse as “90:02” and be glad for ALL that God is planning for you. This planet ‘earth’ has some beautiful sights to see across a variety of weather and geological conditions. Yet, we are spinning on the crust of a massive ball of hot lava at its core. Our ‘layer’ of life may only be 50-100 miles wide of livable earth and breathable air. But in that layer of life we can live and breathe and have our existence within the hand of God. Every day we experience a miracle within God’s plan… be part of that miracle and help others to know God through the love of Christ. It is a journey which will never end… don’t miss it for the world. WOW! Stay blessed to be a blessing!


Our prayers continue for all of the soup kitchens and food pantries operating around our country. Our church helps to support St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL) which has been serving meals weekly to hundreds of homeless or needy people. They have been doing this for decades. Volunteers go to help out. It is an outreach that continues to be a blessing to those who receive AND to those who serve. Support those in your area. Volunteer if you can. Drop of a few cans of food or boxes of cereal often. Encourage those who serve there. Be that blessing to them. Pass it on to others knowing that we have a loving and an everlasting God.

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