You cannot hide your foolish sins …

69:05 Psalm “O God, you know how foolish I am; my sins cannot be hidden from you. ” (NLT)

If you ever play hide-and-seek with young children, they will often cover their eyes when they are hiding… thinking that if they can’t see you, then you can’t see them. They are easy to find. We are just as foolish if we think that we can hide our sins and failures from God. He sees them plainly. We are only kidding ourselves. We are only hurting ourselves by not confronting and confessing those sins. Do that today. Repent of those sins and receive His forgiveness and reconciliation. You will feel a weight lifted as those sins are removed from you. You will be restored in your relationship with God.

You can route this verse to close friends and family by copying this blog or the link to this post. Ask if they have ever hidden something and then forgot where they hid it. Ask if they ever thought that they could hide something from God. Share with them the great joy of confessing our sins and receiving complete forgiveness from God. Let them know that God is there for them as well. We cannot fool God… only ourselves by holding onto sins which need to be turned over to God’s grace and mercy. Remember to Take Time For God’s Word© each day or whenever think of something that you have hidden away, then think of this verse as “69:05” and praise God for His compassion and forgiveness. You may want to put this as a Reminder on your phone at 9:05am with the title, “69:05 Psalm …you know how foolish I am…” When those words pop up on your screen, you will think of sins that you may have tried to hide. You may think of foolish things you said or did. You may feel convicted about something that you have not yet confessed to God. It is time to be made right with God. It is a time to release the sin and to claim the forgiveness that He has planned for you. It can be a great time in your life… a time for forgiveness. Don’t miss out on His grace.

Our prayers continue for all of those who have been impacted by the various winter storms, spring flooding, or tornadoes which have hit recently. It is a helpless feeling to be in the path of such devastation and destruction. It can happen in an instant or with the flooding, it can last for longer periods of time. The results are the same… time to rebuild and recover… if possible. Help those in need if you can. Be a blessing to them. Volunteer if that is in your heart to do so. Pass it on with a clean heart and a desire to serve Him wherever you go.

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