What sin trips you up each day?

66:09 Psalm “Our lives are in his hands, and he keeps our feet from stumbling.” (NLT)

As we grow older, we can see many times along life’s path when we stumbled and if we were not close to God, we did fall… and sometimes we fell hard. Once we had turned our lives over to Him, we may still stumble yet He is with us and He will keep us from falling. King David would often use the illustration of being in the hands of God to show the great love and protection that we receive. I am sure that David thought about how he would protect the lambs from wild animals when he was a shepherd boy. He knew even more about how God had kept him safe through many battles and perils. He does that for us, too! Make sure that you are always in the hands of God as you walk with Him daily.

Please forward this verse your friends and family. Ask if they remember holding the hands of their parents when they were very young. Ask if they recall holding hands of siblings or young classmates when in a crowd so that they didn’t get lost. There is truth to that even today. Share with them the joys that you have in knowing that you are in the hands of God. Remind them of the need to stay close to His Word to keep Him close to their heart. Please Take Time For God’s Word© during the day as you see your hands or feet, consider this verse as “66:09” and thank Him for walking with you each day. This may be a verse card to print out and to place in the area of your shoes or boots. Some keep them in a closet… others have them lined up by the back door… wherever you keep them, put this verse nearby. We all take a minute to put on our shoes. We may do that several times each day…when we change shoes. As you put on the shoes, repeat this verse to assure you that YOU are in the hands of God and He will keep you from stumbling. By linking His Word to everyday tasks, you will remember it…AND you will be blessed by bring it to mind and by taking it to heart. You may even want to pass it on to others….WOW, how great would that be!

Please pray for all of the Christian preschools and day schools around the country. Many churches have a real passion for providing Christian education to their congregations and to the community. It is a great set of courses and curriculum AND it is taught with regular Biblical references and perspectives. Our youth need that. Our world needs that! Support your local Christian schools and those who teach in them. Let them know that you pray for them. Be that blessing to them as they are blessing so many families each year. Pass it on with His love and with His protection.

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