Let God be your strength each day…

59:09 Psalm “You are my strength, I watch for you; you, God, are my fortress,” (NIV)

Most of us will never be in a battle like King David fought in during his lifetime. Yet, we still face battles which require our strength both physically and spiritually. We should seek God as our first priority and not as our last resort. We should claim His strength and power rather than rely on all of the weaknesses which we know that we have. We should consider our God as our fortress and our protector at all times… and not only when we are running away in retreat. Stand in His strength and in His power. The world will take notice of you and the wonders of our God!

Please copy this blog or the link to provide this verse to all of your friends, family, and neighbors, close by or far away. Ask if their strength is growing stronger or weaker as they get older. Ask what they do to maintain their strength. Remind them that we also need to build up our spiritual strength. We do that by learning to trust in Him more. We do that by making Him our source of daily strength and power. Stay close to Him! Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© frequently during the day, or whenever you sense a need for strength, then remember “59:09” and thank God for being your fortress and strength. You may want to print this verse card out as a 5X7 inch photo (or larger). Put it on the wall where you may exercise or pin it up over your desk where you will see it often. We need to rely on God as our strength. We need to recognize that He is where He needs to be for our protection. We need to share that message with others… who desperately need His help each day. Be there for them!

As we end our monthly prayer cycle, we focus on that one person that you know who needs to know Jesus as Savior and as Friend. You may have been praying for this person for months (or even years). You have tried to reach them, but they still seem far from God and from the love of Christ in their lives. Invite them to an Easter worship service with you. There will be many times to pick from. They will hear the Good News. They will feel the excitement of knowing that Jesus is alive. This may be the moment that God touches their heart. Be that kind of blessing to them by asking and encouraging them. Persist in sharing His love. Remind them that you pray for them. Don’t stop. Pass it on by sharing God’s strength to support you in your toughest battles. Pray on!

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