God’s love reaches to the heavens…and beyond…

57:10 Psalm “For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” (NIV)

A famous quote by the poet Robert Browning says, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” We should always remember to not limit the limitless love and faithfulness of God. His plans for us go WAY BEYOND what we can see or even imagine for ourselves. We need to expand our faith just a bit more each day as we learn to trust Him in greater measure. Then we will come to know even more of the great love which God has for us through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. So, keep reaching for the heavens and for the one who made them ALL. Be that kind of blessing to others today!

Copy this blog or the link to this post to extend this verse to your family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they how high they can reach to get something off of a shelf. Ask if they can reach higher if they have a step-stool or small ladder. We easily forget that we can get something to help us to reach higher when we need to. We also forget that God’s love reaches to help us reach SO MUCH higher if we will just put our trust in Him to do so. Just as we cannot seen the end of the universe with our telescopes, we will never know how great and unlimited is His love for us. Always Take Time For God’s Word© at various times throughout your day, whether thinking of this verse as ’57:10’, or other verses which show the vastness of His love and faithfulness. This may be a verse card that you want to print and carry with you. Each time you see it, you will want to stretch your faith just a bit more. As your reach increases, keep on stretching your faith. You will be amazed at the people and circumstances which you will touch in Jesus name. What a blessing you will be to so many! (AND, if you recall verse Psalm 57:05, you will also know Psalm 57:11 as the same message is repeated to close out this Psalm. See, you know more than you thought! Keep growing in His Word each day.)

Our prayers now turn to surround and support all of those who are part of our system of prisons and lockup facilities around the country. We pray for the guards, staff, prisoners, families of the prisoners or of the victims, and all those impacted by the crimes which were committed. We know that such activities have been going on throughout human history. It does not make it any less harmful or painful for all involved. There are many ministries that are making a difference in this area. Pray for them. Support the families involved. Be a blessing to them. Pass it on by reaching for His love and faithfulness to grow in and through you… forever!

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