May God’s glory be seen around the world…

57:05 Psalm “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” (NIV)

Where have you placed God in your life? Is He at the heart of everything that you do because He is truly in your heart each day? OR…is He only present when you are in trouble or when you have an urgent need? We are to ‘exalt’ God which means that He is our highest focus and our primary reason for living. We are to give Him praise and give all glory and honor to Him. We are to share the Good News with those closest to us AND to those who may be around the world. We are to let God be God… in our lives… in our homes… in our country… and in our world. Praise the Lord…always!!

Copy this blog or the this link to echo this verse to all of your friends on social media and on your email list. Ask if they are doing anything special on this day, Palm Sunday. Ask if they know why Palm Sunday is so important in the Christian church. Share with them the story of how people laid down palm branches and even their own cloaks on the path as Jesus entered into Jerusalem. Remind them that if the people didn’t praise and exalt Him that even the rocks would cry out His praises. Be joyful. Sing His praises. Exalt His name… forever! Gladly Take Time For God’s Word© throughout each day, whether recalling this verse as ’57:05’, or other verses which exalt the name of our God. This would be a great verse to use as an Alarm on your phone at 7:05am each day. Make the title say, “57:05 Psalm Be exalted, O God”. It should help your recall the whole verse. Add it as a photo in the album of Favorite Verses. Bring it to mind often each day as a way to exalt His name and to help you to ‘praise God from whom all blessings flow.’ When we keep God as our priority in life, then we can enjoy all of the other blessings that we receive…family, homes, work, church, friends, hobbies, health, singing, praying, meal-time, and SO MUCH MORE!! Exalt Him today. Exalt Him every day… now and forever!

Each month in our prayer cycle we focus our prayers on all of the judges and all of those working in our courts and legal system. We all want justice. We all want fairness. We all want good to triumph over evil. We therefore need a fair and honest system of justice across our land. We need to uplift all of those who work in that system and to give them thanks for their service to ALL of us. Take the time to say, “Thanks”. Serve when you are called for jury duty. Be a blessing to those who are seeking justice. Pass it on each day by exalting the name of our God and by praising Him for ALL that He has done for us!

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