Let God help and sustain you each day!

54:04 Psalm “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” (NIV)

We have probably all heard the commercial which says, “Help! I have fallen…” and if you push a button, help is on the way, so it says. We have help that is much closer than that. We don’t even need to fall in order to get help. That is how close God is to you. Yet, too often we still try to do it all on our own. We still wait until we are in trouble before we call out to God for help. We need to change that. We need to call out at ALL times. We need to say THANKS for all of the times that He sustains us and He gives us good things in our lives. Give Him the praise for ALL that He does each day for you and through you. Be the blessing that He has made you to be!

PLEASE pass along this verse to close family and friends, near or far away. With just a ‘click’ on the link you can be a blessing to them by giving them a verse of encouragement. Ask who they have listed as their ‘emergency contact’. Ask if they have a back-up in case that person is not available to help. Let them know that God is there each day to help and to sustain them. Offer to pray with them and for them. Be a help to those in need and be that blessing to them. Please Take Time For God’s Word© during each day as you think of who helps you, then recall this verse as ’54:04’, and praise God for ALL of His help to you. Most of us know many people that we could call on case we needed help. We have a group of family and friends that would gladly come to our aid. What a blessing it is to have such people! Many people do not have such a group who could help them. They feel alone. They feel that no one cares. We know that God cares. We also know that we are the hands and feet of God to be a blessing to others. So, today… yes, today… go beyond your comfort zone to reach out to others to help them. God will provide those opportunities to you. Treat them accordingly… with His love and with His care. You just may make some new ‘forever friends’ along the way. Be that blessing!

Pray for all of our elected officials at all levels of government. They need our prayers! They need to listen to the needs of the people. They need to focus on those needs. There are so many areas which can be made better for all of us. Encourage them to work towards the common good. Then, let us each do our part and be good citizens in our communities. Let our good deeds be a witness to the love of God working in our lives. We are blessed in this country… let us be a blessing in return. THANK YOU for all that you are doing… ‘continue the work of the Lord, until He comes again!’ Pass it on by being God’s helper to those in need!

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