Can you hear me now, Oh God??

54:02 Psalm “Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth.” (NIV)

We want God to hear our prayers. We want Him to act on our behalf. We think that we know what is best for us and for our situation. We want Him to fix our mistakes. We so often confuse our ‘needs’ versus our ‘wants’. Instead, put your life into the hands of God. Ask that His will be done. Ask for the courage to stand strong when troubles and trials come into your life. Let the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart be acceptable in His sight… AND He will see you through it all. Praise Him for His love and mercy each day!

Please forward this verse to family, friends and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they keep a ‘prayer list’ of what they have prayed for and which prayers have been answered. Ask if they continue to pray for those ‘in process’ requests or do they drop them from the list. Remind them that God’s timing is perfect and so we need to continue to pray even when they answers are slow in coming back to us. That is what faith is all about. Yielding our will into His will. Continue to grow in your faith. Then continue to Take Time For God’s Word© each day as you stop to pray, you can think of this verse as ’54:02’, and thank Him in advance for His answers to your prayers. While prayers can come at any time from our hearts, it is helpful to set aside a time each day when you can have quiet time with God in prayer. You can bring Him anything and everything. Once you have made your requests known to Him, allow quiet moments to listen to the thoughts that come to mind and the desires which come from the heart. He speaks to us. His answers may come through ideas or from the support and actions of others on your behalf. God answers prayers. Be prepared for His replies!

We pray for our family and friends… by name and by their needs that we want God to help them through. It helps us to be mindful of the needs of others. It reminds us of all of the blessing we receive through the people that God has placed into our lives. It keeps us focused on what’s really important… our family and friends. So, let them know that! Share with them that you pray for them. Ask if there are other special needs that you can pray about. Ask them to pray for you. We are the family of God. We pray for each other. Be prayerful every day. What a blessing it is to pray. Pass it on to others by sharing your love for them by seeking the love of Christ to be with them…always!

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